Secrets, Needs, Relationships & Nurturing

July 28, 2022

Sunrise, the beginning of the astrological day, held an overwhelming amount of Cancerian energy today. The new moon, mercury, and the sun all pulse here sharing a wisdom both necessary and difficult.

What This Means For You

Your emotions can be very intense today especially around any losses or sorrows you’ve experienced. Some of your inner hidden areas and secrets can call to you asking for acknowledgement and to be seen fully.

You can feel drawn to share with someone who helps you meet your needs yet a fear of opening a door that can never be closed holds you back.

All of this may feel so uncontrollable that you try to ignore it. Overindulging in your usual habits and rebelling against those deep emotional callings will only delay your personal evolution and inflict more pain.

How I’m Feeling It

As a collective we’ve all ignored or dissociated from our inherent needs. Shame and guilt in relation to the natural human condition pervades our lives. We suppress our innate necessities and they end up resurfacing in distorted ways.

Unsuitable relationships with demeaning power dynamics show up in all areas of our lives from family and food to sex and the earth. Even our relationship with ourselves isn’t immune to the strife.

We feel this heavy weight and assume there’s no way out from under it. We resign ourselves to being slowly crushed, disheartened, and denied the nurturing we crave.

Facing our personal experience of this aspect of the collective human consciousness is the way through. We can all learn how to lift the pressure, straighten our spines, and find a way to feed our raw hearts.

An exploration of astrological insights unique to each of us provides a map for exploring all phases of this evolutionary journey.