The Tenth Tale of Something Vaster – “A Walk in the Forest”

Everyone goes into the forest to seek their tree.

Whether it is a coffin or door is a mystery to all.

Today is my day to walk into the forest.

Shall I bring food?

Or perhaps a death shroud?

Both grow heavier on my back with every step I take toward my uncertain future.

The cool, soft forest air soothes and ushers me onward.

My tree calls to me patiently.

Once near the gnarled, hard oak, I reach forth with gentle courage.

The Ninth Tale of Something Vaster – “The ReBeginning: Eagle”

The ancient dust slides off my back as I shift and waken.

Lumbering forward, I barely notice the myriad of skulls my talons crush into powder.

The sun calls to me and I deeply breathe in the warmth to fill the hollow spaces of my bones.

Tornadoes form from the first few beats of my wings as I rise above the inevitable ensuing destruction.

Crisp, bright air enlivens me as does the plane of silence I soar within.

I shift my weight and the ocean is soon below me.

Drifting easily on salty airwaves, I put all my focus on the water until I find him.

His shadow grows within the water as does mine on the serene surface – so we see one another now.

I spread my talons toward the rising tentacles and we once again struggle in the Final Dance To Begin All Things Again.

The Eighth Tale of Something Vaster – “The ReEnding: Octopus”

If I had bones, they would screech as I slowly stretch my body for the first time in a thousand ages.

I wake on time, without fail, and the waterstream movements confirm my infallibility.

Reaching out in all directions, I sense my domain.

All are running away, as they should.

My hunger fuels me toward my purpose.

Several easy glides take me half a world away.

I spot the shadow above as it shifts from a drifting tiny dot to one with purpose.

Ah, I’m seen as well.

And so we begin, again.

*the art in this photo was created by Desarae Lee*