I Met My 100 Year Old Self Today and She Told Me to Dance :)

I met my 100 year old self today in a meditation. She was so great! She was healthy, spirited, and had a mischievous glint in her eyes. I asked her some questions and man did she seriously blow my mind. The answers I got were different from what my 46 year old brain tells me. Super fascinating!

A bit of balancing practice today!

Then I thought about how much I’ve learned by trying to do things the way someone else told me to. At first I was like, man, what a waste of time and years of my life. But then it came to me that all of those moments led me here. To my now. To this experience of being able to do things in my own way. To listen to my own experiential wisdom. To listen to my own body. To listen to my own heart. To listen to all of me.

I’ll save my 100 year old self’s answers for another post in case you want to try it too. Then you’ll have a clean slate for hearing your answers. So just get into any comfortable position and consciously relax your body while taking a few slow breaths. Then imagine your 100 year old self standing in front of you. Take it all in!

What does your 100 year old self have to say about relationships? Love? Living life? Health? Your body? Work? What you do? How you speak? How you treat yourself? How you treat others? Worry and stress? Happiness? What’s really important to you? And any other questions you come up with… Ask them! And listen. Good stuff!

Share something that surprised you! Or something you weren’t expecting. I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.