Passion, Anger, Pain, & Rebellion

July 22, 2022

When gazing at the sky in my pre-dawn meditation today, I saw Moon and Mars coexisting in the realm of Aries. While my eyes couldn’t see Uranus, I know it’s there nestled in all that potential.

How This Affects You

Emotions can run dangerously hot right now yet you can steer them in a worthwhile direction. Whether that’s kindling a passion you’d love to see grow and flourish or directing anger toward taking action for a cause you care deeply about, there’s a safe space for all your feelings to manifest in the world.

For the next year, there’s a push for you to rebel against useless structures and patterns – within yourself as well as your world. These next three weeks can give you the extra courage you need to take a step forward, face those things you find unjust, and bravely move toward innovating a new way of relating to yourself, your mind, your emotions, and your experience of life.

The exact who, what, where, why, and how will vary greatly depending on your unique birth chart so if you need assistance hearing the message through the chatter of your mind or the noise of the world, let me know.

How I’m Feeling It

There’s no way around it. Life is painful. Being human is fraught with arduous, heart-wrenching experiences. From child abuse, animal cruelty, and a disregard for the earth, to loss, mental maladies, and systemic oppression, we all experience distress in our lives and in the collective life. We all have painfully agonizing ordeals.

I’m finding myself more and more dissatisfied with the generally accepted approaches toward all aspects of human pain and its place in our lives. Some tell us to suck it up and move on or to think positively and have gratitude because it’s not that bad. Individually we may drink or smoke or eat or sleep or work too much. Or we pass our pain on to others with our words or fists so we don’t have to deal with it. Some of us may withdraw and punish ourselves and those we love by not engaging with them. None of these are very helpful in the long run. They may offer some brief respite in the present, but the pain is still there, festering in the depths. One day it will bubble up from our own underworld and create a greater agony than before.

I feel my anger rising when I see ‘think positive’ memes on social media or when a friend responds to my pain in a comparative way to ‘help’ me see that my pain isn’t such a big deal. I notice how they unwittingly try to dismiss my pain. I find myself closing up or speaking defensively in hurtful ways when I try to avoid my own pain. So I’m rebelling and taking action to help move us all into a new way of relating to our human struggles.

The wisdom tradition of astrology is one way for me to do this. Using astrology I can gain an objective perspective on my own places of trauma, difficulties, and fearful reactions (as well as those of the collective). The heavenly bodies and the way their energy is reflected on earth and in my life shines clearly in my chart and my meditations. Astrology makes space for all of my pain, the validity of it, and how it can be used to propel me forward into the unknown spaces of growth I fumbled around in before discovering this wisdom tradition. Astrology provides a safe space for me to be in pain, feeling and finding acceptance for every sharp edge and heavy weight. Once acknowledged and encountered, my pain then guides me toward healing and release. I emerge from the current of my own underworld ocean ready to bask in the warmth of rebirth into a new way of being.

And it can do the same for you. Let me know if you’d like some collaboration in your own journey. I’m here.