The Fifteenth Tale of Something Vaster – A Nameless Pup Travels Far

I was unprepared and unprotected.

The intensely jumbled mess overpowered me as well as the electric fear coursing through me.

And so I slept.

In my dreams I saw myself climbing aboard a large vessel of sorts.

I began to travel fast and far with strange creatures.

Though I was scared of this new sensation and these odd beings, I was exhilarated too.

Scared to leave behind all I knew, all I lost, yet accepting this turn of fate, I told myself to wake up.

The first thing I noticed was the soft sweetness enveloping me like tufts of rabbit fur smelling of lavender.

But what I saw next befuddled and shocked me.

The Fourteenth Tale of Something Vaster – “A Nameless Pup Escapes Death”

It was becoming difficult to keep my eyes open and the smells around me were muddled.

I let out the loudest sound I could muster, barely recognizing myself, and sunk into the soft dirt.

A large sound entered my groggy awareness and it got closer with every shallow breath I struggled for.

My heart began racing though I don’t know how it had the energy to do so.

I think it thought she was finally back.

Lost in my vivid waking dreams of warmth, safety, and joy, I barely noticed being gently lifted from my space.

I felt myself floating above the ground and slowly moving toward the light.

Oh please let it be her.

But blinding lights and crushing metallic sounds assaulted me instead.

The Tenth Tale of Something Vaster – “A Walk in the Forest”

Everyone goes into the forest to seek their tree.

Whether it is a coffin or door is a mystery to all.

Today is my day to walk into the forest.

Shall I bring food?

Or perhaps a death shroud?

Both grow heavier on my back with every step I take toward my uncertain future.

The cool, soft forest air soothes and ushers me onward.

My tree calls to me patiently.

Once near the gnarled, hard oak, I reach forth with gentle courage.