Astrological Who Am I?

Today, my early astrological meditations brought this to me. I thought it would be fun to see if anyone could guess which planet shared this with me and what sign (constellation) that planet is in.

Whomever gets it correct, will be entered into a drawing for something cool. Perhaps an astrological divination treat! Put your answer in the comments on my blog post at! Here goes…

I drop to all fours

clenching the soft earth.

I grind my teeth

yearning to press forward.

A battle cry chokes 

in my dusty throat.

They watch and wait.

More patient than I.

I breathe and bide my time

knowing this moment of

struggle will pass.

In the meantime I crawl,

carrying my ember

safe above the ground.

Slowly I shift and plan

becoming stronger,

building endurance.

The winds will arrive 

soon enough.

*spoiler alert* the answer is…

Mars in Taurus! Especially at the beginning just after leaving the high of Aries. Nobody got the full answer correct this time but there will be other riddles in the future 🙂🤘🖤