Fascination with the human condition has haunted and inspired me since childhood. The mysterious nature of life and what it means continuously moves me to learn and experience all I can. From psychology, art, & philosophy to vedanta, somatics, and travel, I encounter much in order to embrace life, death, myself, and the world.

Astrology is my favored wisdom tradition because it makes room for all the hidden, painful places humans hold inside while reminding us of who we truly are. It shines a tender light on the harrowing and encourages us to acknowledge our agony and embrace our experience of life.

Dreams offer us a unique window into our personal and collective experiences. I find a combination of dream and astrological explorations provide immeasurable insights into life and our being.

Using a journal to record our questions, observations, intuitions, and experiences along the way is a very powerful friend, especially when we integrate the depths of our creativity. The creative well from which all arises is awaiting us in order to share the deep mysteries of life.

I’m here to co-create with all explorers of the unfathomable.

Let’s adventure with the creative pulse of life together.

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