The Sixteenth Tale of Passing Through – Elene’s Windows

My life was full of things I couldn’t do; so this was just something else to add to the list.

Doctor’s told me I would first lose lines and then light. Soon I would find out everything we see is a combination of lines and light.

I spent hours studying the shapes of letters so I wouldn’t forget their unique stories.

Sitting with my paintings, I traced the outlines of the strokes with my fingertips trying to catalogue the texture and movement in my mind.

I spent many days laying in the grass looking up into the sunlight through swaying oak leaves.

My mother’s voice awoke in my mind, scolding, ‘You’ll go blind staring at the sun like that!’

My scornful laugh and intensified staring was witnessed only by those oak leaves.

It’s a little late for me to worry about that isn’t it.

Author: VbMedley

Imagination is my oldest friend who finds favored expression through writing and dance. The wild mystery of nature and existence frighten and inspire me. Though I love to create, sharing my creations doesn't come easy. Paranoid optimism describes my way of moving through this life.

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