The Fourteenth Tale of Something Vaster – “A Nameless Pup Escapes Death”

It was becoming difficult to keep my eyes open and the smells around me were muddled.

I let out the loudest sound I could muster, barely recognizing myself, and sunk into the soft dirt.

A large sound entered my groggy awareness and it got closer with every shallow breath I struggled for.

My heart began racing though I don’t know how it had the energy to do so.

I think it thought she was finally back.

Lost in my vivid waking dreams of warmth, safety, and joy, I barely noticed being gently lifted from my space.

I felt myself floating above the ground and slowly moving toward the light.

Oh please let it be her.

But blinding lights and crushing metallic sounds assaulted me instead.

Author: VbMedley

Imagination is my oldest friend who finds favored expression through writing and dance. The wild mystery of nature and existence frighten and inspire me. Though I love to create, sharing my creations doesn't come easy. Paranoid optimism describes my way of moving through this life.

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