The Eighth Tale of Something Vaster – “The ReEnding: Octopus”

eagle vs octopus art by desarae lee

If I had bones, they would screech as I slowly stretch my body for the first time in a thousand ages.

I wake on time, without fail, and the waterstream movements confirm my infallibility.

Reaching out in all directions, I sense my domain.

All are running away, as they should.

My hunger fuels me toward my purpose.

Several easy glides take me half a world away.

I spot the shadow above as it shifts from a drifting tiny dot to one with purpose.

Ah, I’m seen as well.

And so we begin, again.

*the art in this photo was created by Desarae Lee*

Author: VbMedley

Imagination is my oldest friend who finds favored expression through writing and dance. The wild mystery of nature and existence frighten and inspire me. Though I love to create, sharing my creations doesn't come easy. Paranoid optimism describes my way of moving through this life.

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