The Sixth Tale of Something Vaster – ‘The Calling’

You can always count on butterflies to deliver your map.

I flitted this phrase around in my mind on a well-worn path yet still arrived at no satisfactory destination.

The markings on my arm demanded my attention daily and reminded me how little I knew about the journey before me.

The markings, the message, the dream – it all taunted me.

Feeding my restless frustration, butterflies came and went, but I was still without a map.

Finally it happened – the sweet stream trickle of a butterfly song became the key.

Bone-deep searing pain engulfed me as the markings shifted, now clearly showing the beginnings of my map, while my mind’s eye cowered from the bombardment of incomprehensible dreamy images.

I couldn’t consciously wrap words around this silent song’s calling, yet I knew what was to come.

And though I saw my eventual death, I took firm steps toward the forest.

Author: VbMedley

Imagination is my oldest friend who finds favored expression through writing and dance. The wild mystery of nature and existence frighten and inspire me. Though I love to create, sharing my creations doesn't come easy. Paranoid optimism describes my way of moving through this life.

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